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How To Get Some Serious Happy

As millions of people celebrate Independence Day today, love and happiness is in abundance.

Independence Day provides the perfect opportunity to brush off the concerns of daily life, turn the stress levels down to zero and turbo charge the happy…

But why do so many of us only seem to find happiness when we are not working? Has work really become such a bind that the only way to find happiness is to stop working? And why is it that when we are unhappy in our work, we never seem to fulfil our true potential? Why do opportunities and success always seem to pass us by?…

It’s the job, right?…

I realise that there are some people for whom work is already their passion (I count myself amongst that fortunate group!), but for a lot of us work ends up being just a means-to-an-end, whilst we figure out how to spend our days doing what we really love. And in the meantime, our long-term happiness appears to exist someway off in the future, in a hallowed land called “tomorrow”…

Here’s how I turned “tomorrow” into “now” and found both happiness and success in abundance.

The Building Blocks of HAPPY [icon name=icon-signal][icon name=icon-smile]

Happiness is something we all strive for.

If you ask the people around you what 3 things they want most out of life, “happiness” will feature heavily in the answers you receive.

And the most amazing thing about happiness is that it’s not only easier to come by than you might think, but it also brings about greater success. Success which in turn creates more and more happiness in your life. It is a virtuous circle and without doubt the most powerful tool for improving your life right now and forever more.

How so?

Happy people function better, live better and attract success. They attract people to them and enjoy greater opportunities and more frequently positive outcomes as a direct result of their own happiness.

In short, happiness breeds more happiness.

Some people call this the Law of Attraction – a belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results, based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and like energy attracts like energy.

Personally, I see things a little differently. I believe that by projecting happiness, you attract people towards you, not through an exchange of energy, but simple human psychology. Happy people are just more fun to be around.

Who wants to hang out with the miserable guy in the corner?

Miserable guy in the corner

People want to do business with you, support you, work with you (or for you), they want you in their lives and as a direct result you are exposed to more and more opportunities which bring about personal success and fulfilment.

Happiness is infectious, attractive, life-enhancing and breeds success.

So how do you “get happy”?

Through the simplest exercise ever.

By being thankful.

By focusing on the things in your life that you are thankful for – the support of your partner, your loving family, your incredible children or your rude health, perhaps – and focusing your energy and attention on the things that you have, rather than what you do not, you can instantly and powerfully change your perception of your life and in turn change your outlook, your optimism, your opportunities and your present and future happiness.

It will transform your life, give you the power to take action and change your reality for the better.

Perhaps it will lead you to start a new company, or a new job or brand new career, or give you a renewed passion for the work you already do. Or maybe it will lead to completely new horizons, as yet unimagined or unimaginable.

One thing is for sure though, by learning how to be happier now, you will improve the quality of your life TODAY and stop putting your happiness off until “tomorrow”.

One final piece of advise for pulling this off:

I came across this quote from Henry Ford (of Ford Motor Company fame) yesterday, and thought it rather apt:

We all have something to be grateful for.

Go get some happy. No excuses!

No excuses

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