Inside MarComs

Inside MarComs – Q&As with brilliant minds in marcoms

I believe some of the most creative and inspirational people on the planet work in advertising and marketing. With Inside Marcoms I aim to find out…

What the hell is water?

What the hell is Water?

David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech to graduating students at Kenyon College in 2005. Rather than the usual over-enthusiastic “go get ’em!” speeches, David chose to use the address to discuss something far more profound and important – awareness.

Scout home security

Take that, caveman!

Disruptive technology for the home security market… Scout, a new home security company, aims to not just disrupt, but smash the old model to bits. And I believe they’re about to do just that…


10 Steps to Launching Your Bootstrapped Start-up… on a shoestring

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve done your research. You know your market and you’re convinced it’s going to be the next “big thing”. Now what…?

Kidogo the gorilla

Kidogo the Gorilla

Welcome to my new blog and website. It’s a new year, and with it I bring not just a new blog, but a new website, a new home in Europe and a completely new life! But what about the gorilla…?