The Importance of Failure

The Importance of Failure

Recognise failure for what it is; battle scars to be proud of, on the way to achieving your goals.

What Do You Desire

The Single Most Important Question You Can Answer

This is it, folks. The BIG one. The single most important question you can ask yourself. How you choose to answer it will define the life you go on to have.

How to Live Life To the Fullest

How to Live Life To the Fullest

We all strive to live a good life. But surprisingly few of us, when asked, would say we’re living the life we really want, now. Why so?

Just Do It.

Just Do It – A Mission Statement for Life

Why the pursuit of perfection breeds impotence and how Nike’s world-famous slogan “Just Do It” can improve all aspects of your life.

Serious Happy

How to Get Some Serious Happy

Happy people function better, live better and attract success. So how do you “Get Happy”? Through the simplest exercise ever…

Embrace fear

Why I embrace fear

Take a risk, push yourself, do something scary. Most of the time, the thing that scares you is the very thing you need to do in order to progress.

Cannes on Instagram

And my award for Best Use of Instagram during Cannes goes to…

Hats off to Ogilvy for a stellar performance at Cannes this year. The network can be rightly proud of their haul of lions this year, but they should also get a special mention for their use of Instagram…

Cannes Lions

4 Things You Need to Know When Attending Cannes Lions 2013

The great and good of the advertising world are congregating in Cannes this week for the Cannes Lions, 2013. Here’s are my top tips for surviving the week.

The Task List

The Mighty Humble Task List

All of us suffer from a lack of focus sometimes. And when commitments start to pile up, our ability to cope actually declines as our task list grows. Here’s how I keep track of my day-to-day productivity.

The Shock of the New

The Shock of the New

I decided it was time to give the ol’ site a fresh coat of shiny newness, and so, after a few hours pushing pixels, and a few more testing the site on various screens and devices, this is the result.